Espresso Coffee Service in Texas
Espresso Coffee Service in Texas

Espresso Point System  Lavazza Coffee Blends

Aroma Club: blend of 100% Arabica coffees from Brazil and Southeast Asia, with a full, lingering flavor and thick, velvety crema; medium roasting.

Aroma and Flavor: aromatic, fragrant, soft, full.


Aroma Point: blend of Brazilian and Central American Arabica and Indonesian Robusta coffees. A full-bodied coffee blend with a sweet flavor and thick, lingering crema;  medium roasting.

Aroma and Flavor: sweet, full.


Crema & Aroma: blend of Central and South American Arabica and African Robusta coffees, with pleasant, intense flavor and velvety crema;  medium roasting.

Aroma and Flavor: strong, persistent.


Tierra: premium blend of 100% Arabica coffees from Central and South America with a very aromatic and sweet flavor and a soft, thick crema. Rainforest Alliance Certified. medium roasting.

Aroma and Flavor: aromatic with delicate acidity, lightly fruity and sweet.


Dek: 100% Arabica decaffeinated blend made with aromatic and sweet coffees from South America; medium roasting.

Aroma and Flavor: sweet, creamy, aromatic.



Caffe` Borbone Blue Blend


For the coffee lover who enjoys the quality of Arabica but also a small intense note of extraordinary. Balanced, full-bodied taste and creamy at the same time. Perfectly toasted to give you a unique delicate taste.  Compatible with Lavazza Espresso Point System

Teas and Infusions "Di Piu`"



We carry in stock also a selection

of tea capsules compatible with the Espresso Point system:

Peach Tea

Lemon Tea

Wild berrries Tea

Mint Tea

Green tea






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