Espresso Coffee Service in Texas
Espresso Coffee Service in Texas

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Today, the "espresso bar" has a career… at the office. Ever since the advent of the Lavazza Espresso Point system, many offices offer their employees a chance to enjoy a coffee break that's just as good as what you find at cafés. The system is composed of a compact espresso machine that is simple and quick to use. You simply open the door and add the pre-dosed pod of blended coffee: the grind and roast are ideal for a coffee in the cup that is comparable to professional espresso. In a matter of seconds, the plastic cup positioned under the spout will be filled with the desired amount of rich, dark coffee. Sugar and a spoon - and that's it! The espresso is ready to be enjoyed or served to visitors. Ideal for offices or small companies, it fits in well with any décor. Besides espressos, the attached steaming arm will allow you to deliver easily as well as rapidly rich cappuccinos and lattes.


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